Nights Out

Hey Bloggers it’s been a while , but I’m lazy and bla bla blaaah.So anyway just a quick post abut nights out, I don’t normally go out often maybe once or twice a month max. Few reasons include money and drama. I always end up spending more then I expect no matter how careful I am, I mean I could leave my card at home but what about emergencies? What if I somehow end up stranded and need to get money out for a cab? What if I’m on the verge of drunken starvation  and need money for a kebab? Its serious out there.

So I went out with a ‘friend’ on Friday, well she’s the girlfriend of my boyfriends friend. P we we’ll call her and D is her man. Ok so the bf was going on a boys night out and I was out with P and one of her close friends, we started out pre-drinking in a lovely pub, having girly talks and the beginning’s on a girly night. Not long after a few shots and a couple vodkas D calls P. “Oh god here we go” I think instantly. Why? your asking, well some people love a good drama and can not handle their alcohol…

Let me take you back a few weeks to a Friday night out, a night we were all looking forward too. We all turn up to a pub in Camden and the dirks are flowing, then we all decided to move to the cub about 7 of us. The boyfriend and I mingle, dance and have a good time before I get a call from P in hysterics saying that D is drunk and being a total C%^& which now seems the common thing when we go out.

Turns out he had been punch by some random guy for mouthing off and been having a go at P for no reason then his insecurity and inability to control him self on alcohol. This argument went on for hours and while I stood in the street comforting P as she panicked about if D would let her stay at his, my boyfriend tried to calm down D. Its comes to the point when D comes over to P and I and I go to speak before he begins scream insults at me. I wont go into too much(don’t worry no one fought) but lets just say my boyfriend is a brilliant guy and knows when his ‘friends’ are in the wrong and when to protect me.

The point of the story is that when you go out with some people they love to cause drama and ruin everyone’s night, expect you to help them sort out the mess then tell you to mind your own business and not to get involved. So when P call D on Friday whilst us girls were at the club drunkenly shouting at her saying come meet them I new that I would avid them both for the rest of the night as I wanted to get home happy and at a decent time.

The thing is this D guy never used to be like this when we were out with him and his ex GF of 5 years. Is he really insecure and controlling over P or just a physco?

Oh and that night with all the drama I spent about £70 and was angry by the end of night!!


Day 2 unemployed

How do people do this all the time? I mean I am absolutely bored out of my mind. The funny thing is when I was working I had money to do all the things I wanted to do but no time, now I have all the time in the world but no money and I hate it so much. 

I have applied for about ten jobs already and have a few more on my list to apply for..and I am adamant that I will not be going back to retail god help me!

Yesterday I think I nearly lost my mind from boredom, today wasn’t as bad but this is only the beginning!


What if I’m going to go mad and become homeless….Image


I am now jobless…

…and surprisingly I’m not panicking about it. (I mean I worry about everything usually)

My contract ending at my office job recently and I am now in search for a new job. Even though I have a phone and debt bill to pay I’m not too worried, I mean it’s not rent and it’s not household bills (I help pay these but I have support from the Mr and his family so we’re not on our own). I see this as a new opportunity to find something great more enjoyable and gain more experience to add to my CV.

I liked my job but I lost my passion and the novelty wore off quick, like I mentioned in a previous blog post, I get bored very quickly.

I love the thrill of job interviews and new environments to adapt to, and I always want more!

Wish me luck on my job search and my future adventures of eventually become an adult…erm…when does that happen?


Why I will never again work in retail.

After about three years of handing in my CV to same manager and his staff I finally got my first job in retail at the place I always wanted to work. I won’t disclose too much as I’d rather this blog be as anonymous as possible but lets just say it was a well know video game store. So after finally getting in as a ‘Christmas temp‘ I spent the next three months proving how  passionate I was about selling this products, how much I knew about them and how much I want/needed this job, above the seven other people I was in competition with. So when it came down to the final cut, I was the last one standing and was damn proud of it I must say.

I loved it all at first..

So I pretty much loved the job, making my own money for the first time, a great manager who gave us all rewarding tough love and experience with the public that left you never knowing what to expect next. The company went into administration about 7 months into my employment there and most of our tight team pretty much ran out of fear of becoming jobless. What can I say? I don’t blame them. Only one guy stood firm (the one who helped me get my foot in the door) and he has for about 6 or so years now, he genuinely loves his job and I admire that. A new manager took over and the work environment was no longer enjoyable, he knew nothing about the products and was basically a total idiot to say the least, so quickly began job searching!

I want my old job back..

I managed to quickly get my self an interview at a retail store specialising in particular tech products and got the job straight away. I loved the environment, my new work uniform, I felt great, it was a fresh start, until I realised how disorganised the managers were,  seventy percent of the staff did not care and how evil humans that shop are monsters.

We were under staffed which was is not fun, when you have about six customers standing around waiting to be ‘approached’, and shouting at you to ‘bloody help’ them and ‘do your job’ as you run around like a headless chicken collecting products from the warehouse and trying to sell all possible attachments at the same time.

I’m not a sales-women so pushing products on to people didn’t really work for me and I never reached my targets after a while, so the managers would make me offer other different crap. Why would I offer more crap if they didn’t want the first crap?!

Consumers are mean..

So considering I worked for a store selling technology its pretty ironic that our website was a bunch a shit, so customers were always reserving items out of stock. We had to deal with customers shouting at us all the time over something we personally couldn’t control. It didn’t help that only my self and one other girl made the effort to check the reservations regularly. We would call as many customers as we could get through before being screamed at to help some one on the shop floor, who weren’t actually going to buy anything they just want to spent thirty mins asking stupid questions.

Then you have the customers who don’t read or listen to our return policy and think that by shouting at you that you will refund a product that they have used and decided they no longer want. Oh and I won’t to go into the ordeal they call the Christmas holidays, I nearly had a mental break down and ended up walking out if my shift an hour early on Christmas eve, because of crazy humans wanting to buy everything and buy it now.

Point being, it made me hate people, see how cunning sales people can be and realise how bad the pay is!

Found this image that Pretty much sums up working in retail.

Found this at image that Pretty much sums up working in retail.


Just popping to the loo..

“They must think I’m doing something creepy” at least that’s what I worry every time I get up from my desk at work to go to the toilet. It may be my fault though, I practically live on tea but my bladder is just weak, so no I refuse to take the blame for my numerous visit to the ladies room throughout the day. My body is a tap, as soon as I drink a glass of literally anything I’m visiting that damn loo!