Faith in Humanity

I’ve seen and experienced a few horrible things up close and personal in my short time on earth but I have watched and read about a whole ton more of terrible acts humans commit via the news and internet. Whether its political or violent nothing ceases to amaze me these days. Does that mean I have lost faith in humanity?


I’ll take some faith please.

Lets get into this post by just saying my thoughts are with those in Boston and the families affected. After hearing the news about the bomb attack in the US, I am sad to say I was not particularly shocked, yes I was disgusted and angered but not shocked. Its not as though things do not affect me and I am not completely accustomed to the sick thoughts and decisions of our human race, things tend to make me more angry these days over any other emotion.

I just don’t understand how people can let themselves be brain washed, be by religion (dare I say it), mental health, drugs or simply a big ego. I don’t mean that to sound ignorant and maybe I am ignorant, I understand that peoples minds work differently and the way they approach things are different, but how can it function so off the scale that you are content with taking the life of another human being or hurting them.

There are times when I feel that the majority of humans on this planet are either selfish, lazy, egotistical, violent, control freaks. Call me pessimistic that’s probably what it is, but how can I not feel that way when all I hear are stories of murder, wars, and politicians who couldn’t care less for the people of their own country. It pretty much boils down to the two words I hate the most…politics and religion. (I said it again sue me).

But to bring a positive view on humanity if you are also a bit of a pessimist like me, Patton Oswalt made a great point while giving his two cents on the horrible incident that took place in Boston. It made me look at things in a more optimistic light.

“This is a giant planet and we’re lucky to live on it but there are prices and penalties incurred for the daily miracle of existence. One of them is, every once in awhile, the wiring of a tiny sliver of the species gets snarled and they’re pointed towards darkness. 

But the vast majority stands against that darkness and, like white blood cells attacking a virus, they dilute and weaken and eventually wash away the evil doers and, more importantly, the damage they wreak. This is beyond religion or creed or nation.  

So when you spot violence, or bigotry, or intolerance or fear or just garden-variety misogyny, hatred or ignorance, just look it in the eye and think, “The good outnumber you, and we always will.”

Full post here: https://www.facebook.com/pattonoswalt?fref=ts

Maybe my faith in humanity has been restored.


George Moore Myddleton Rd Museum

So I just found out we live opposite what many people are calling a MuseumGeorge Moore Men’s Wear. (North London)

So I have lived with my boyfriend and family in this flat opposite this shop for about a year now, and we always noticed the odd shop as we sat on our window seal smoking ( bad habit I know), and watched people always stop and stare in fascination.


I always thought the man that lives there now was the original owner of the shop. After curiosity got the better of me and I Googled the place it turns out he is the son on of the original founder George Moore. His name is Brian Moore and his father George founded the shop in the late 1930s. George helped run the Myddleton Road Traders Association, during the years that Bowes Park- Myddleton road market was thriving with bakers, tea rooms, butchers and greengrocers! ( Now its pretty much abandon shops, estate agents, new agents and a few random barbers ect)

George Moore would help organise and run street parties for the local children and the families. A street party was thrown to celebrate the end of World War 2 around 1946, they would close the road set up tables and get everyone out to party together (after getting permission from the council). There was even one for the Queens coronation in 1953, they had live music, food and games all for free which gave that real community feel for the area. Imagine that when I look outside my window I see drug dealers, a few drunks, loud kids and not much of a sense of community but if I close my eyes I see the community celebrating and socialising happily fifty odd years ago!

George Drayton Moore ran the shop until he passed in 1969 and his wife and son (Brian) took over the business. Brian then decided to retire in 1998, as he says ‘ things were getting bit desperate’ and he was getting ‘older’ strangely though he never sold the business which is what my boyfriend and I always say to each other “why doesn’t that man just sell the place or sort it out?
He has left the clothing in the window to slowing rot away and collect dust, which people and now I guess me too, now consider a time capsule or a museum or both! Time has literally stood still behind those windows.


It pretty cool to think I’m living opposite some history! For a more information here’s a brilliant blog post I found on this shop; http://www.bowesandbounds.org/notes/Brian_Moore

Click for audio interview with Brian Moore himself; http://www.peterberthoud.co.uk/2012/02/most-interesting-underpants-london/



The future of reading

So I’ve been contemplating purchasing my self a Kindle, I mean it is small and convenient, the books are cheap and you can carry thousands of books with you at once!

But I have a special place in my heart for good old fashioned paper back books, with printed letters and unique or interesting covers. Something I can hand down to my children or my grandchildren. Something thing that if computers take over the world or the kindle malfunctions and explodes in my hands I can pick up and re-read or borrow to family and friends to read.

I also love the satisfaction of going back to a book and being able to see how much I have already read and how far I have to go. You can’t get that with ‘e-books’ as they call it. I worry that the future generations won’t get to experience that feeling when you buy and read a physical lovely new book or even if they will read!

Plus I love the smell of books. I mean who doesn’t? And on that note I still can’t decide if I want or even need a Kindle.



I’d rather stay in bed. No work today.

I was going to call in “sick” today simply because I was tired. But I pushed my self out of bed, dragged my clothes on and said to my self “Get a life and get on with it”

I don’t know why I’m so lazy, everyone gets tired and would rather stay in bed but then how would the world run if no body got out of bed!?

Also I simply can’t afford to just take days off. I don’t have tons of bills to pay as I live with my boyfriend and his family, but I better get into the mind set of constantly earning and pushing my self or how will I survive when I have all the bills to pay and I don’t have enough money, not because I don’t have a job but because I’m to tired to take my self there!


Why I will never again work in retail.

After about three years of handing in my CV to same manager and his staff I finally got my first job in retail at the place I always wanted to work. I won’t disclose too much as I’d rather this blog be as anonymous as possible but lets just say it was a well know video game store. So after finally getting in as a ‘Christmas temp‘ I spent the next three months proving how  passionate I was about selling this products, how much I knew about them and how much I want/needed this job, above the seven other people I was in competition with. So when it came down to the final cut, I was the last one standing and was damn proud of it I must say.

I loved it all at first..

So I pretty much loved the job, making my own money for the first time, a great manager who gave us all rewarding tough love and experience with the public that left you never knowing what to expect next. The company went into administration about 7 months into my employment there and most of our tight team pretty much ran out of fear of becoming jobless. What can I say? I don’t blame them. Only one guy stood firm (the one who helped me get my foot in the door) and he has for about 6 or so years now, he genuinely loves his job and I admire that. A new manager took over and the work environment was no longer enjoyable, he knew nothing about the products and was basically a total idiot to say the least, so quickly began job searching!

I want my old job back..

I managed to quickly get my self an interview at a retail store specialising in particular tech products and got the job straight away. I loved the environment, my new work uniform, I felt great, it was a fresh start, until I realised how disorganised the managers were,  seventy percent of the staff did not care and how evil humans that shop are monsters.

We were under staffed which was is not fun, when you have about six customers standing around waiting to be ‘approached’, and shouting at you to ‘bloody help’ them and ‘do your job’ as you run around like a headless chicken collecting products from the warehouse and trying to sell all possible attachments at the same time.

I’m not a sales-women so pushing products on to people didn’t really work for me and I never reached my targets after a while, so the managers would make me offer other different crap. Why would I offer more crap if they didn’t want the first crap?!

Consumers are mean..

So considering I worked for a store selling technology its pretty ironic that our website was a bunch a shit, so customers were always reserving items out of stock. We had to deal with customers shouting at us all the time over something we personally couldn’t control. It didn’t help that only my self and one other girl made the effort to check the reservations regularly. We would call as many customers as we could get through before being screamed at to help some one on the shop floor, who weren’t actually going to buy anything they just want to spent thirty mins asking stupid questions.

Then you have the customers who don’t read or listen to our return policy and think that by shouting at you that you will refund a product that they have used and decided they no longer want. Oh and I won’t to go into the ordeal they call the Christmas holidays, I nearly had a mental break down and ended up walking out if my shift an hour early on Christmas eve, because of crazy humans wanting to buy everything and buy it now.

Point being, it made me hate people, see how cunning sales people can be and realise how bad the pay is!

Found this image that Pretty much sums up working in retail.

Found this at image that Pretty much sums up working in retail.


Just popping to the loo..

“They must think I’m doing something creepy” at least that’s what I worry every time I get up from my desk at work to go to the toilet. It may be my fault though, I practically live on tea but my bladder is just weak, so no I refuse to take the blame for my numerous visit to the ladies room throughout the day. My body is a tap, as soon as I drink a glass of literally anything I’m visiting that damn loo!