I am now jobless…

…and surprisingly I’m not panicking about it. (I mean I worry about everything usually)

My contract ending at my office job recently and I am now in search for a new job. Even though I have a phone and debt bill to pay I’m not too worried, I mean it’s not rent and it’s not household bills (I help pay these but I have support from the Mr and his family so we’re not on our own). I see this as a new opportunity to find something great more enjoyable and gain more experience to add to my CV.

I liked my job but I lost my passion and the novelty wore off quick, like I mentioned in a previous blog post, I get bored very quickly.

I love the thrill of job interviews and new environments to adapt to, and I always want more!

Wish me luck on my job search and my future adventures of eventually become an adult…erm…when does that happen?


The future of reading

So I’ve been contemplating purchasing my self a Kindle, I mean it is small and convenient, the books are cheap and you can carry thousands of books with you at once!

But I have a special place in my heart for good old fashioned paper back books, with printed letters and unique or interesting covers. Something I can hand down to my children or my grandchildren. Something thing that if computers take over the world or the kindle malfunctions and explodes in my hands I can pick up and re-read or borrow to family and friends to read.

I also love the satisfaction of going back to a book and being able to see how much I have already read and how far I have to go. You can’t get that with ‘e-books’ as they call it. I worry that the future generations won’t get to experience that feeling when you buy and read a physical lovely new book or even if they will read!

Plus I love the smell of books. I mean who doesn’t? And on that note I still can’t decide if I want or even need a Kindle.