Day 2 unemployed

How do people do this all the time? I mean I am absolutely bored out of my mind. The funny thing is when I was working I had money to do all the things I wanted to do but no time, now I have all the time in the world but no money and I hate it so much. 

I have applied for about ten jobs already and have a few more on my list to apply for..and I am adamant that I will not be going back to retail god help me!

Yesterday I think I nearly lost my mind from boredom, today wasn’t as bad but this is only the beginning!


What if I’m going to go mad and become homeless….Image


I’d rather stay in bed. No work today.

I was going to call in “sick” today simply because I was tired. But I pushed my self out of bed, dragged my clothes on and said to my self “Get a life and get on with it”

I don’t know why I’m so lazy, everyone gets tired and would rather stay in bed but then how would the world run if no body got out of bed!?

Also I simply can’t afford to just take days off. I don’t have tons of bills to pay as I live with my boyfriend and his family, but I better get into the mind set of constantly earning and pushing my self or how will I survive when I have all the bills to pay and I don’t have enough money, not because I don’t have a job but because I’m to tired to take my self there!


What Motivates me? Where am I going

I DONT KNOW…but I do?

So I find my self balancing on string through out my life, I will happily be walking along then the next thing I know I will be hanging on for dear life. Sometimes I think the main thing that motivates me is money, but isn’t that everyone’s motivation in life. Yeah money is important and that’s why I go to work like everyone else. But what motivates me to keep going is the world and the thousand of things I can and will learn from it, and then that’s where the money comes into it, I just want to keep working to save to travel the world ..places like Tibet, Japan, Jamaica, Italy! and so many more. I just can’t take it any more I just have this feeling in my gut of excitement and impatience I need to get out there and discover the different cultures, the new environments and the people..open minded people! I don’t see my self sitting in an office for the rest of my life that is not my fate! (yes I’m sound dramatic here but don’t care)

Life feels like its taking forever to start but I know it takes hard work, I work for my future, our future and happiness.  I want to leave our footprints on the sands of time.