George Moore Myddleton Rd Museum

So I just found out we live opposite what many people are calling a MuseumGeorge Moore Men’s Wear. (North London)

So I have lived with my boyfriend and family in this flat opposite this shop for about a year now, and we always noticed the odd shop as we sat on our window seal smoking ( bad habit I know), and watched people always stop and stare in fascination.


I always thought the man that lives there now was the original owner of the shop. After curiosity got the better of me and I Googled the place it turns out he is the son on of the original founder George Moore. His name is Brian Moore and his father George founded the shop in the late 1930s. George helped run the Myddleton Road Traders Association, during the years that Bowes Park- Myddleton road market was thriving with bakers, tea rooms, butchers and greengrocers! ( Now its pretty much abandon shops, estate agents, new agents and a few random barbers ect)

George Moore would help organise and run street parties for the local children and the families. A street party was thrown to celebrate the end of World War 2 around 1946, they would close the road set up tables and get everyone out to party together (after getting permission from the council). There was even one for the Queens coronation in 1953, they had live music, food and games all for free which gave that real community feel for the area. Imagine that when I look outside my window I see drug dealers, a few drunks, loud kids and not much of a sense of community but if I close my eyes I see the community celebrating and socialising happily fifty odd years ago!

George Drayton Moore ran the shop until he passed in 1969 and his wife and son (Brian) took over the business. Brian then decided to retire in 1998, as he says ‘ things were getting bit desperate’ and he was getting ‘older’ strangely though he never sold the business which is what my boyfriend and I always say to each other “why doesn’t that man just sell the place or sort it out?
He has left the clothing in the window to slowing rot away and collect dust, which people and now I guess me too, now consider a time capsule or a museum or both! Time has literally stood still behind those windows.


It pretty cool to think I’m living opposite some history! For a more information here’s a brilliant blog post I found on this shop; http://www.bowesandbounds.org/notes/Brian_Moore

Click for audio interview with Brian Moore himself; http://www.peterberthoud.co.uk/2012/02/most-interesting-underpants-london/